Greetings! 👋🏻 Today we will tell you about the modern problems that gotEM strives to solve.

🔻 In the last decade, despite the efforts made by the state, the efficiency of the state and municipal service has declined, violations of the law in the activities of law enforcement agencies and courts have become widespread and commonplace.

🔻 The principles of publicity and openness of the activities of state bodies and local self-government bodies, established at the legislative level, and the inevitability of responsibility for committing corruption offenses are openly neglected.

🔻 The professional and moral level of those who come to the state and municipal service, occupy state positions has significantly decreased. Society’s response to these phenomena was a decrease in the level of public confidence in the state, its bodies, state and municipal employees, a lack of faith in their ability to protect the rights of citizens and the legitimate interests of organizations.

🔻 In particular, the problem of police brutality in the United States and in many other countries is national and institutional in nature and leads to the most serious and systematic violations of human rights that create divisions in society.

🔻 For these reasons, the US government — and state and city governments that have a duty to respect US international human rights obligations — must be held accountable to international human rights bodies and international public opinion.

✅ gotEM helps civilians, the victims, and the general public in finding private investigators, detectives, and security specialists to launch private investigations into cases of abuse of authority, corruption, human rights abuses, police brutality, etc.

✅ The gotEM platform enables you to leverage the power of the masses by initiating global crowdfunding and crowdsourcing for large scale investigations. NGOs and Governments can summon resources for humanitarian missions required to maintain peace and the Right to Live.

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