Hello. 👋🏻 Today we will talk about decentralization and gotEM solutions.

📌 The decentralization process is actively developing in European countries. There is a general trend towards strengthening the relationship of regional and local governments with the central government.

📌 However, this movement is not uniform and linear. In the countries of the European Union, decentralization takes various forms, based on ideas and values ​​that are shared by all EU member states: self-government, civic participation and the proximity of power to the population.

📌 Equally important is the question of motivation to move along the path of decentralization. Scientists have developed a number of theories explaining the causes and consequences of the transfer of power and resources from central to subnational governments.

⚙️ Impact of decentralization:

🔹 firstly, it contributes to the deepening of democracy and the development of a market economy;

🔹 secondly, it helps to “cure” poor governance and eliminate macroeconomic instability;

🔹 thirdly, it supports national unity in ethnically fragmented states;

🔹 fourthly, it can “stop red tape” and raise the awareness of officials about local problems.

👨🏻‍🔬 Most scholars regard decentralization as meaningful and valuable because it can be used as a tool for empowering citizens, as a “platform for developing democracy, as a framework for economic development and as a promoter of good governance.”

✅ gotEM is a decentralized platform enabling crowdsourced investigations. It connects those in need with a network of private investigators, cyber detectives, and private security professionals and contains the ability to crowdfund for missions directly.

✅ The decentralization of the platform enables it to be transparent and open, featuring a user-based review and rating system to ensure an environment of trust, providing built-in incentives towards the clients’ best interests.

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