Dear gotEM family,

If you haven’t heard already, recently we have successfully partnered up with UniFarm, a group staking platform that will propel us further in terms of legitimacy and popularity. This good news is definitely going to shake things up for us.

So why is this a big deal? Well, UniFarm helps avoid token price fluctuations, sell pressure and to remove liquidity from trading markets. They do this by providing a staking-farming solution that is far superior to any other options available to users.

UniFarm is a group staking farm, which means that users will be able to stake their tokens on any project involved in this partnership, while receiving benefits and incentives from other projects that are also involved. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!

So, how exactly will this be pulled off? In order to make this work, each project has contributed $50,000 worth of their tokens, which goes into a reward pool. As time goes on, users will be able to earn more rewards drawn from this pool as they continue to stake.

The farm will continue to go on for a period of 180 days, with staking limit per project of $500,000. Currently, there are five projects participating in #UniFarmCohort30, those being gotEM ($GOTEM), Jade Protocol ($JADE), Outrace ($ORE), Gamestar ($GMS) and Unifarm ($UFARM). Users can stake any of these five tokens, while simultaneously receiving all the other tokens as an added reward.

The biggest benefit of joining UniFarm’s pool is that it gives token holders the best place to park their tokens. On top of that, the longer you stake, the more you help increase exposure and build demand from investors in regards to the tokens affiliated. You’ll be helping all of us by promoting growth, while also doing yourself a favor!

To push the initiative forward, we have been holding several co-marketing campaigns and activities, including but not limited to podcasts, giveaways on social media, crossword social, cohort videos done by influencers, cross AMAs, pushes by brand ambassadors, conclave, and stake and earns.

With this partnership secured, we have once again taken a huge step towards pushing crypto forward, both as a collaborative technology and as a supporting, intelligent community. From the bottom of our hearts, we’d like to thank our close friends and community members for your continued support.

It is only thanks to your unwavering commitment that we’ve managed to push this technological vision as far as we have, and rest assured, we’ve got plenty of plans to continue pushing it forward past this. We hope you stay tuned during these exciting times!

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