LegioDAO Tier Breakdown:

Staking Durations & Point Multipliers:

Hold in wallet = 0.1467 point multiplier
30 day stake = 0.169 point multiplier
90 day stake = 0.1954 point multiplier
1 year stake = 0.237 point multiplier

DAO Seat (limited to 25 seats)
1 seat = 21,000 $LGO — staked for 1 year

DAO Seats are limited to the first 25 users who meet the 1 year staked amount requirement & submit their details to our team. DAO members can vote to open more seats in the future & will have voting power on all future IDOs & major project decisions. DAO members will also receive at least 2x allocation of the top tier & will be included in monthly lotteries.

Legio : 2500 points — 52% allocation
Hold in wallet = 17,050 $LGO
30 day stake = 14,800 $LGO
90 day stake = 12,800 $LGO
1 year stake = 10,550 $LGO

Gladiator : 1500 points — 30% allocation
Hold in wallet = 10,250 $LGO
30 day stake = 8,900 $LGO
90 day stake = 7,675 $LGO
1 year stake = 6,350 $LGO

Spectator : 650 points — 14% allocation
Hold in wallet = 4,500 $LGO
30 day stake = 3,850 $LGO
90 day stake = 3,350 $LGO
1 year stake = 2,750 $LGO

Civilian : 200 points — 4% allocation
Hold in wallet = 1,400 $LGO
30 day stake = 1,225 $LGO
90 day stake = 1,025 $LGO
1 year stake = 850 $LGO

All Tiers Have Guaranteed Allocation

How to determine your points?
Simple, just take your total staked or held amount of $LGO & multiply it by the set multiplier for the chosen category.
Ex: 8,900 $LGO staked for 30 days gives a 0.169 point multiplier, so multiply 8,900 x 0.169 & you get 1504 points, which is Gladiator tier.

Users cannot choose to combine their held and staked point amounts in order to reach their desired tier level. They must achieve their point total through fully committing to one of the options listed above.
Ex: A user is 30 day staking x amount of $LGO & is also holding x amount of $LGO in wallet, they will not get points for both, they will either need to hold or stake the full amounts for the desired tier.

If wanting more allocation, then users must make extra wallets & move their tokens accordingly. Completing multiple forms of tiers on one wallet will not stack your allocations.
Ex: A user is staking Legio tier amount of $LGO & is also holding a Gladiator tier amount of $LGO in wallet, they will still only receive Legio Tier allocation.

Allocation for all Tiers is determined by the total raise allotted & the amount of investors who qualify for the sale prior to screenshot deadlines. Therefore, amounts assigned cannot be determined before hand. So, for every IDO sale held, Allocation $ Amounts will not be stated until at least +12 hours before the IDO sale begins.

Make sure to account for the 6% buy tax in place when purchasing $LGO tokens.

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