Greetings. 👋🏻 In this article, we will tell you about crowdsourcing and its benefits.

💡 Essentially, crowdsourcing is the process of getting work done by many people. The customer attracts a big number of performers and selects the best offers to pay or conclude a contract. This is how most crowdsourcing platforms work on a competitive basis.

Crowdsourcing can be used to achieve a wide variety of goals: solving a specific problem, creating content, generating new ideas, conducting peer review, etc. At the same time, the competence of the people involved in the project does not really matter.

🏆 The benefits of crowdsourcing include:

✔️ Crowdsourcing can be used in any industry and business of any size.

crowdsourcing participants are motivated to work on a project, results, exchange of ideas in the process;

✔️ The participation of many specialists from various fields of activity, regions ensures the consideration of the problem and the assessment of the solution from different angles, regardless of nationality, race, personal factors;

✔️ Highly qualified professionals from all over the world participate in the process;

✔️ Obtaining the required solutions, ideas, information;

✔️ Saving your budget by paying someone a one-time flat rate for their services.

💡 gotEM is a decentralized platform enabling crowdsourced investigations.

🔗 gotEM is a decentralized blockchain platform to search, source, and fund specific missions primarily related to private investigations, cybersecurity, and security.

💪🏻 People across the world are awakening to the fact that we live in a society where information is highly manipulated to construe certain factions’ agendas. Civilians and governments can cooperate to create transparency & justice to redirect the course of a society by way of an emerging new market. The Social Trust Network.

🔍 Aside from investigations and security, gotEM is also available as a platform to source and fund humanitarian causes and has the ability for associated agencies and individuals to engage together to enact change processes within local communities.

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