Readers, our AR Metaverse is starting fire up! After many months of waiting, we’re finally hitting our roadmap goal of establishing our very own Augmented Metaverse, which will elevate our platform to meet its fullest potential!

Acting as a second layer of reality that operates secondary to our own, our AR Metaverse will function as a tool for advancing the idea of a crowdsourced private investigation platform. Being a place for people to safely congregate and collectively gather intelligence. It serves to help our sleuths learn more cyber investigation skills to earn tokens and OSINT certifications in the form of NFTs.

We’ll utilize Geocasts for the initial development of our AR Metaverse Environment. It allows and encourages people to interact through the real world using augmented reality. When used in conjunction with our crowdsourced platform, will result bartered information and surveillance free of censorship and corruption. It’s a big leap in AR technology, one we hope to spearhead development in.

So how will we achieve this while making it accessible to the public? The answer is through your smartphone, with an app that lets users experience real world interactions, where users of the platform can safely trade information and evidence in a complete 1:1 replica of the real world / metaverse. For more safety and greater range of choice, these exchanges can be done either in-person or remotely via avatars.

It will be an essential part of our fight against fraud, corruption, censorship and mental enslavement. It allows information to be free and transparent, without bias and agendas to tamper with the facts. Leverage the power of a metaverse layer allowing you to interact in real life and exchange information in person via AR, and you’ll unlock a whole new world of information sharing.

Facebook, now publicly known as Meta, have also pushed forward with their own plans to build a metaverse, picturing things as the next chapter of social connection. It’s not a surprise as the technology is easily the future of networking, and with Meta now leveraging it, it also opens up to us the chance to create an environment to source information without censorship.

This just about wraps up our latest update on our developments. We’re extremely excited about the possibilities that will be opened up from our AR Metaverse, all the doors it will open for a brighter and more secure future. We’ll update you all with more news as more developments come in.

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